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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


With May being an extra long month and June starting near the end of the week, I thought I'd take last week off and begin the new month's goals on Sunday.

Alas, the best laid plans sometimes go astray.

I have a very legitimate, although somewhat embarrassing reason for not starting this month's theme on time.  You see, I don't exactly remember what this month's theme is.....

How can that be?  Well, this is the problem:  it's all written down, sorted, and carefully organized in a notebook because my ideas tend to flow better that way.  And guess what - the notebook's gone missing.  I know, I know - it probably would be best if I had this information backed up digitally, and believe me, that's the first thing I intend to do when I find that notebook!

Until then, I plan on writing the occasional post about aging, life, and laughter.  Please check back soon, as I'll post June's theme and goals the second my notes resurface :)

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